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Peyton Manning Meets Dolphins' Head Coach Joe Philbin And Staff

Chris Mortenson, who continues to stay on top of everything having to do with Peyton Manning, is reporting that the Miami Dolphins were finally able to have their own time with the former Colts quarterback via a meeting with head coach Joe Philbin and a few others. It's interesting that Manning was back in Indy when ties have been severed there professionally, but that's where Mortenson places the meeting that he says took 5 to 6 hours.

Manning is currently on his whirlwind tour of personnel meetings and team facilities and has already given some time to the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos. The Titans are reportedly next and others like the Texans just reached out in the last 24 hours. It's been an amazing, dramatic ride to follow and it's something the NFL has never seen to this point in terms of media coverage for a single free agent. Then again, no player like Manning has ever entered free agency.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made public statements of their own interest, but have yet to hear anything back from Manning or receive a visit.

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