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Mike Tomlin Calls Todd Haley's Availability A 'Ridiculous Bonus' In NFL's Offseason

While some predicted that the passionate approach of Todd Haley might rub the storied, steady Pittsburgh Steelers franchise the wrong way, Mike Tomlin is saying all the right things so far. In fact, he seems quite excited to have the former head coach of the Chiefs on board. Haley is the team's new offensive coordinator after taking over for Bruce Arians, who left after his contract expired and took the same position with the Indianapolis Colts.

''Obviously, I think we need to have a defined personality, but that's centered around playing to our strengths,'' Tomlin said. ''That changes, of course, depending on what our strengths are. Obviously, we have a solid, franchise-type quarterback. We have some emerging outside talent at wide receiver ... Our personality, obviously, is going to be one that is built and geared toward our strengths.''

The situation in Kansas City was getting quite dramatic after months of tension before Haley's exit, so it will remain a subplot to watch throughout the season. Then again, if the Steelers win then there won't be anything to talk about except how much of a ridiculous bonus Haley was for the team.