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Brandon Carr Free Agency: Chiefs Could Still Retain Cornerback

While very few people have really considered the possibility of the Kansas City Chiefs re-signing Brandon Carr a legitimate possibility, Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports begs to differ. In fact, he believes it could be a great signing to make the Chiefs nickel package arguably the best in the league. Imagine having the ability to shut down a team's passing game with a trio of quarterbacks like Carr, Stanford Routt and Brandon Flowers.

Farrar writes, "With their recent signing of Stanford Routt, the Chiefs can do one of two things -- either let Brandon Carr hit the open market, or re-sign him and have a dynamite cornerback threesome with Brandon Flowers as the lead dog. With teams playing far more nickel than ever, that move would make sense. But if Carr does become a free agent, he'll get as many calls as anyone in this article -- he's perhaps the most underrated cornerback in the NFL. Carr can play press, but his real game is playing in space and jumping routes, and he'd be an asset to just about any secondary."

The Chiefs have the money if they are going to fall completely out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. If Scott Pioli deems it the right need and value match, perhaps he could return after all. It's still hard to consider as a real possibility, but it might give KC the edge to beat a team like the Chargers or the Broncos if they can land Manning.