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Vincent Jackson To Redskins: Washington Reportedly Is Ready To Make Chargers Wideout Richest In NFL

There's no doubting Vincent Jackson's big play ability. He's a great red zone target at 6-5, 240 lbs, but he's the great vertical receiver that can run the deep routes and stretch a defense. His 17.5 career yards per catch average is enough to cement that notion. Those are the reasons the Washington Redskins are reportedly ready to make him the highest paid receiver in the game.

Shawn Zobel writes via Twitter, "I've been told that the Washington Redskins intend to make Vincent Jackson the richest receiver in the NFL tomorrow". That falls in line with what others have been reporting as to their free agency plans, but it also is interesting considering the team just got slapped with $36 million subtracted in cap room for their role in front-loading deals during the uncapped NFL season in 2010.

If the team drafts Robert Griffin III as expected, then having a top flight target to throw to in his prime is going to make a major difference. Santana Moss and Jabar Gaffney can play certain roles at this point, but neither are the breakout star that Jackson is.