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Chiefs Free Agency: Paul Soliai Best Defensive Tackle Target Available For Kansas City

If the Kansas City Chiefs are serious about filling the void at defensive tackle left by the likely departure or even retirement of Kelly Gregg, then they're going to have to make a play for a veteran. While the team might be more likely to go with a late cut or under the radar player, the one who will receive the most attention (and who would generate the most fan buzz) is Paul Soliai of the Miami Dolphins.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports says that Soliai is the best player available and would be a great addition to any team. He writes:

With Sione Pouha's re-signing with the Jets, Miami's Paul Soliai is the best pure 3-4 nose tackle on the open market. At 6-fot-4 and 355 pounds, he can play in different spots inside, but Soliai's primary value is in soaking up blockers so that others can make plays. The Dolphins thought enough of Soliai to franchise him last year -- with their move to a predominant four-man front, some other team will benefit greatly from his abilities, even and especially when that team switches to nickel defenses and required their nose tackle to move around.

The only players right now available for that middle position of the 3-4 defense would be Jerrell Powe or Anthony Toribio, although Amon Gordon was recently re-signed and he can slide over. Still the Chiefs are going to need someone who can plug in there and become a part of the rotation and a player like Soliai would instantly impact the center of the defense.