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NFL Free Agency: Shaun Hill, Matt Leinart Bolster Back-Up Quarterback Market

For those teams looking to bolster the quarterback depth chart, there are plenty of viable options out there on the NFL free agent market and many veterans are likely to wind up unsigned for some time until after the draft shakes out. Matt Leinart of the Houston Texans and Shaun Hill of the Detroit Lions hope to avoid that fate.

Hill stands a good chance of landing a nice free agent deal due to his performance while backing up Matt Stafford the last few seasons. Hill decided to test the market and he might even find a chance to compete for a starting spot in camp depending on how things shake out and which team he lands on.

As for Leinart, the reputation and hype has always been greater than the on-field results. Some contend he’s never been given a fair shake, but with enough quarterback needy teams around the league, Leinart has had his chances and will continue to get more. If he was starting quality, he would find his way to the surface. Perhaps the USC product still can.

Other free agents on the market beyond the obvious and in the same general category as these guys include Chad Henne of the Dolphins, Chris Redman of the Falcons, Donovan McNabb of the Vikings and the Broncos’ Brady Quinn.