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NFL Free Agency: Carl Nicks Likely To Get His Wish As Highest Paid Guard In NFL

Carl Nicks wants to get paid like the best in the NFL. Thus, very few teams are going to be able to make that kind of investment along the interior of the offensive line. While it seems that a team like the Kansas City Chiefs is not likely to go that route, the team needs to bolster its line going into next season and it has the money to do so. In fact, the Chiefs have a relatively cheap offensive line thus far, so an impact player like Nicks might fit.

Joel Corry recently put up a list of players ready to break the bank in NFL’s free agency period this offseason and believes Nicks will get his wish.

Corry writes, “Jahri Evans’ seven-year, $56.1 million deal ($19 million guaranteed, $25.6 million over the first three years) with the Saints ensures that Nicks’ days in New Orleans are over. As arguably the NFL’s best offensive guard, Nicks shouldn’t have any problem reaching his goal of supplanting Logan Mankins as the NFL’s highest paid player at the position ($8.5 million per year, $30 million in guarantees, $30.5 million over the first three years). It’s conceivable that his deal will approach great offensive tackle money ($9.5-$10 million per year, $25-$30 million in guarantees).”

The interesting note is that the NFL Draft is particularly deep for interior linemen this year, so some teams will likely wait and get much cheaper options that way. But for teams with money to burn and significant holes to fill, all it takes is one team willing to meet his price. Nicks has played at an All Pro level thus far in the league, so he’s going to make someone very happy — even as they do the same for him.