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Peyton Manning To Broncos: Denver Radio Announcer Says It's A Done Deal

The most oft-quoted rumor about Peyton Manning at this point is that several teams are still in the race: six to be specific. From the Arizona Cardinals to the Tennessee Titans, there are several waiting and hoping that Manning will choose them in the end and a decision is expected soon. But Brandon Spano, a radio announcer from Denver, says he has an inside track and knows that Manning will sign with the team shortly.

Of course, any media type could use the biggest story of the NFL offseason to raise their own profile. Certainly Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star has a higher profile than ever on the national scene because of his inside track on Peyton and the Colts' Jim Irsay. Spano could be leveraging the same or at least going out on a limb and then claiming "I told you so" afterward. But it's hard not to pay attention to someone saying, "I have the scoop" in a time when everyone is looking for some sort of answer.

Spano is making several statements via Twitter specifically claiming that he knows what's going on:

"Has Manning signed yet? Oh, not yet? Thats okay, give it some time. He'll be a Bronco soon enough, kids."

"Have they started making Peyton Manning Broncos jerseys yet?"

"Let's put it this way. If Manning was done with his meetings and we had no chance of disrespecting anybody, I'd be writing a story right now"

"Let's be more specific, I've already written the story and a have the big red GO button by my side."

If the Broncos sign, you'd better believe that Spano will be following up with Jason Whitlock sized claims of owning a scoop and pointing in everyone's faces. Several people will find themselves able to leverage their own standing with a story of this magnitude, and Spano seems to know this quite well.

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