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NFL Free Agency: Mario Williams Lands For Buffalo Bills Visit

The Buffalo Bills were rumored to make a big splash in free agency, and landing the best overall player besides Peyton Manning would definitely do it. But can the Bills really convince Mario Williams of the Houston Texans to sign with the franchise? That’s a major move on both sides — for the money it will cost the Bills and for Williams to believe enough in what Chan Gailey is building in Buffalo.

Williams was out most of last season with the Texans but he had 5 sacks in 5 games and there’s no denying that he is among the premiere pass rushers in the NFL. It’s possible that he will break the bank with a $100 million contract, and he’s one of the few players who could actually be worth that much. If anything, look at the impact Julius Peppers has on the Bears defensive unit.

Williams would certainly bolster a line that also includes Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus. If things go right, the Bills could look really good really fast.