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NFL Free Agency: Reggie Wayne Re-Signs With Indianapolis Colts

Apparently the cupboard will not be so bare after all for Andrew Luck once he arrives to take over for Peyton Manning after the 2012 NFL Draft. Last Friday, the Indianapolis Colts underwent a massive overhaul, getting rid of several long-time players and making a mess of the roster that was being turned over faster than anyone imagined. Now it seems the team won’t be so bad at receiver after all now that Reggie Wayne is reportedly coming back on a three year deal, per Adam Schefter.

Pierre Garcon is already gone from Indy and Dallas Clark is available as a free agent. Anthony Gonzalez was also let go, which left only Austin Collie as a wideout that anyone would recognize. Wayne’s return means that Luck will have two decent targets to throw to and the team will likely bring in others via free agency and/or the NFL Draft coming up.

The Colts are still a work in progress, but this is a good development for the team’s morale and image. It’s also very interesting since it was presumed that Wayne and Manning could be a package deal for a team like the Broncos or Cardinals.