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NFL Free Agency: Michael Bush Visits Arizona Cardinals After Raiders Release

Michael Bush is among the running backs that would look good working alongside Jamaal Charles in the Chiefs’ backfield. Unfortunately he might not make the rounds since he’s already visiting with the Arizona Cardinals early and he has not planned a visit to KC since he was set free from the Oakland Raiders.

Eric Gilmore writes, "Raiders RB Michael Bush, an unrestricted free agent,refuted earlier reports that he would not visit the Cardinals. He arrived in Arizona Tuesday and tweeted about the “awesome” weather. “For all the knuckle heads out there Arizona is the meeca of training for athletes. I would never do #businesson twitter,” he wrote.

Bush had a career year in 2011 when he rushed 256 for 977 yards and 7 touchdowns when replacing Darren McFadden who turned out to be lost for the year by mid-season. Bush has always played in tandem with another back, so it will be interesting to see if wants a position all to himself.