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NFL Free Agency Round-Up: Jason Campbell To Bears, Eric Wright To Bucs

The last 16 hours have provided an incredible amount of player movement as expected in the NFL free agent period and the latest comes fro the NFC South and North where the Bucs and Bears have made some more moves.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have found some secondary help that they’ve needed for some time in signing Eric Wright. Former KU product Aqib Talib has to be happy to have some assistance — that is, if he will still be around. Wright had several teams chasing him, so this is a solid get for the Bucs.

Jason Campbell has also found a home with the Chicago Bears, as Phil Emery works hard to round out his offense as the Bears new general manager. When Jay Cutler went down last season, the Bears were handcuffed offensively and Emery knows that feeling well in both watching the Bears up close last year and having the Chiefs endure the same. Campbell will keep that from happening.