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Peyton Manning To Titans: Bud Adams Visit Underway In Tennessee

Adam Schefter is reporting that Peyton Manning has officially landed for his third major visit on his tour of the NFL. While the Titans are also trying to get other free agent signings finished, they are primarily concentrating today on wooing the former Colts quarterback to sign within the same division he’s always played in — just for a rival instead.

The Titans have somehow landed a coveted visit with Manning after other teams like the Chiefs and Seahawks have failed to do so. The Broncos and Cardinals were the first two visits for Manning, yet it’s clear that Peyton hasn’t had his heart captured just yet by any team he’s visited. The word has switched from the Broncos and Cardinals as the favorites to the Broncos and Titans. In short, no one really knows anything at this point.

The Titans will meet with Manning for the day today and likely give him a tour and break down video of the offense with the coaching staff. With Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt in tow, among others, the Titans have the personnel to impress Manning. The question is only whether everything else is a fit as well.

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