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Tim Tebow Not Welcome In Jacksonville With Jaguars Signing Of Chad Henne

The Peyton Manning saga is affecting all kinds of teams in all kinds of ways, but it's the quarterbacks that were in place before Manning started his tour that are displaced the most. Matt Hasselbeck, Kevin Kolb, Matt Moore and even Matt Flynn all have to be wondering what will happen to them and when they can feel settled again. For Tim Tebow, however, it might be the worst of all.

The Denver Broncos public flirtation with Manning and aggressive approach could bring in Manning to the Mile High City. If so, then it creates an interesting situation (not to mention a media circus unlike anything in recent sports history), one that Tebow might end up moving out of. If John Elway is interested in moving on from Tebow and the pressure to play him, then trading him after signing Manning is the one window he's going to have before the 2012 season.

Another team is going to have to want him and offer up some sort of fair market value. Most people point to the Jacksonville Jaguars and wonder why they don't make a play for him given their quarterback situation with Blaine Gabbert's dismal rookie season and his incredible popularity and history with the region. Yet the Jags are making it clear that Tebow has no place with them. Vito Stellino writes, "I do hope the national media figures out that Henne's signing shows Jags are not interesed in Tebow."

Where else could the Broncos go? The Chad Henne signing that Stellino mentions is prominent proof that the team is willing to stick with Gabbert with Henne as the failsafe. There's no room for Tebow on that roster and Elway might be stuck with sitting Tebow on the bench under Manning and waiting for another window of opportunity to trade him. If a team gets desperate with their own quarterback situation, they will come calling. That's not fair for a guy who won a playoff game against the Steelers, but somehow those are the cards that Tebow has been dealt.

Given the state of the quarterback need in the NFL, someone will want Tebow. Then again, it's a head-scratching scenario that he's even here in the first place. Perhaps everything concerning Tim Tebow is unpredictable.

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