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Peyton Manning To Titans? Bud Adams Offers Executive Position To Quarterback 'For Life'

Peyton Manning is already soaking in the spotlight of every city that he goes to and several others that he’s spurned along his free agency tour that’s taken him to Denver, Phoenix and finally Nashville. The Broncos, Cardinals and Titans all hope that Manning says “yes” to their address, but the Titans might have the ultimate punch of all — a new offer within their contract that reportedly includes a future with the franchise after his playing days are over.

Alex Marvez has the story over at Fox Sports and says it’s an unparalled move in NFL contracts. That sounds exactly like something that would only come out for the best free agent to ever hit the open market.

Marvez writes, “ has learned that the Titans can offer Manning a contract addendum with the promise of a front-office position once his playing days have ended. Such a deal would not count against Tennessee’s salary cap, but the salary must be considered fair-market value for whatever front-office position Manning is promised, whether as an administrator or coach.”

The only question, then, for Manning is whether he wants to work and stay with the Titans. While he’s not a Titans icon, per se, he has southern roots and played his college ball at the University of Tennessee. A Titan he is not but a Volunteer he certainly is.

That might be enough to sway the balance of power and keep Manning in a division that he’s already well acquainted with. It helps, of course, to have an NFL owner beg you to join and have impressive pieces like Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson at your disposal as well. Just another part of the ongoing drama surrounding Manning’s caravan.

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