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Brandon Carr: 'No Love Lost, No Bad Blood' With Kansas City Chiefs

Brandon Carr recently appeared on Sirius XM Blitz to discuss his departure from the Kansas City Chiefs and signing with the Dallas Cowboys in NFL free agency. His comments were very fair concerning the Chiefs, and it only goes to show that the situation could have likely been avoided with a proper extension within the last year. Alas, that didn’t happen and the Cowboys have their $50 million man.

Some high points of the quick interview include Carr’s thoughts on the free agency process in general:

I didn’t really know what to expect, but from the initial conversation with my agent, he said, “It could go quickly or it could go slow. The first step is Dallas. Be prepared to be blown away.” Everything he said was right on with how they treated me — from the first time to seeing the plane and meeting the coaches to the personnel and the staff and also the players. Everyone accepted me with open arms and they were eager for me to sign and eager to get this show on the road.

When asked about the money, Carr didn’t avoid the fact that money is the primary motivator in these matters:

You want to get paid. You want to get some security and longevity, so the money has to add up. At the same time, you want to go somewhere you feel comfortable and feel like you can excel and make a name for yourself and help that club win ballgames. At the end of the day, all of those things matched up and now I’m a Dallas Cowboy.

He also admits he didn’t know what the Chiefs motivations were in not signing him, but that he understands the business nature of the NFL:

I really don’t know what they were thinking in that process, but I was pretty much open to any club that wanted to talk about my services. Kansas City, it was four great years with those guys. There’s no love lost, no bad blood. It’s business and I had to make the right decision, the right choice for myself and for my family.

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