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Peyton Manning To Titans Rumors: Steve Hutchinson Signing Brings Friend, Bolsters Line

With such a prize on the line, it's no surprise that everyone is analyzing the moves of the Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos through a magnifying glass, looking for any signs of life on the ultimate destination of Peyton Manning. Well, it did not take long for some prominent voices within the NFL media to identify the latest Titans signing in free agency as a possible link to Manning given Steve Hutchinson's friendship with the quarterback.

It's also true that the Titans have a need along the offensive line, so Hutchinson is a good addition for Mike Munchak's offense either way. But even Adam Schefter got in on the commentary and noted that it was "more ammo for Peyton." The Titans and Broncos (among others) will likely do anything and everything they can to bring Manning in as their new quarterback, so signing his friends is a good move to make.

That said, no one has yet grabbed center Jeff Saturday or tight end Dallas Clark among others. Those hoping to convince Manning to come to them by way of other transactions have plenty of other players to choose from.

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