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NFL Free Agency: Eric Winston Wants To Be Highest-Paid Right Tackle In The NFL

Mario Williams signed a beyond massive contract worth $100 million dollars with the Buffalo Bills today. That has nothing to do with the Kansas City Chiefs, except for the fact that the tackle that blocked Williams in practice when in Houston, Eric Winston, who is visiting the Chiefs right now, believes he should be the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL.

From The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero:

Of course, better offensive lineman Eric Winston, who blocked Williams in practice every day for the Houston Texans, has left South Florida after a visit with Miami. He's looking to become the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL. And that is probably too rich for the Dolphins right now.

Winston is a good tackle and would be a good addition to the Chiefs offensive line, that needs major upgrades to help protect Matt Cassel in 2012. The Chiefs have the money to make Winston the highest-paid right tackle, but the question is whether or not they believe he's worth that kind of money.

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