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Peyton Manning To Broncos: John Elway, John Fox Head Denver Contingency For QB Workout

The Peyton Manning express is really starting to heat up with word that he will work out at an indoor facility at Duke University for the Denver Broncos. Why he’s making a team come across multiple time zones to see him work out is an odd question, but the entire Manning parade has been that way from the beginning. John Elway and John Fox are among the many Broncos’ personnel coming to watch Manning work out, per Chris Mortensen.

This is a major sign that the Broncos are in the driver’s seat or remain very much in play for Manning’s services. Elway and Fox have a mess on their hands in terms of Tim Tebow, Manning and the tension that will come from endless speculation and questions from fans and press about what the team will do with both on the roster, especially the future of Tebow. But the team has to take this one step at a time and it starts with jumping through Manning’s hoops.

It will be interesting to see what this does for the Cardinals and especially the Titans. Will Manning also work out for them? Does this put the Broncos in the lead? Is Manning working out for each in a row or did the Broncos request this? Lots of questions currently unanswered, but there is some progress to report so that is a good sign.

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