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Matt Flynn Rumors: Dolphins Reportedly Frontrunners Over Seahawks

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Miami Dolphins, fresh off of a Peyton Manning spurning, are now apparently the favorites for the services of former Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn. The Seattle Seahawks have to be fuming at this thought.

Flynn is easily the best quarterback available on the market after Manning signs with either the Broncos or the Titans. Ryan Tannehill is available in the draft, but for those wanting an experienced presence in the pocket, even Flynn’s two games started are the best on the market by far. Next best is David Garrard and he didn’t even play in 2011 and comes with back spasms.

Flynn is likely to use the two franchises against each other to get the big contract predicted for him this offseason. Hopefully the years spent behind one of the best quarterbacks in the game under Aaron Rodgers will have elevated Flynn’s game, but signing the hyped back-up quarterback can be a dangerous game for teams. Given the desperation for quarterbacks in the NFL, someone will take that chance.