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Peyton Manning To 49ers? San Francisco Enters Race With Broncos, Titans

Just when you thought we were down to two teams vying for the best overall free agent on the market, here comes Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers to mess with everyone’s plans. The Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans were the presumed favorites after winnowing down a list that once included the Dolphins, Cardinals, Chiefs and Seahawks. Now Chris Mortensen is reporting that the 49ers are in it as much as any.

Mortensen’s report includes the fact that the 49ers’ interest moves beyond a phone call. Manning has actually already worked out for the team under the radar. This might be why Alex Smith has not yet officially signed a deal with the team. Peyton’s presence would obviously change that and would likely make him available on the open market.

So for now, there are three teams waiting to hear anything on Manning from an official source. The Titans are likely next to get a workout and then the bidding can truly begin.

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