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Peyton Manning Making Decision Alone Between Titans, Broncos And 49ers

For all the talk about where Peyton Manning might ultimately go, it turns out that conversations regarding his agent early on in the process were likely meaningless. One of the early connections for the Chiefs to Manning back in February was a piece of new that Tom Condon was chatting with the Chiefs’ decision makers. Apparently Condon is not involved at all.

Instead, Jason La Canfora says that Condon will likely come into play later but that Manning, for now, is keeping his cards close to the vest. He’s handling this decision in his own way with his own timing — everything else be damned. As careful as he is at the line of scrimmage, did we expect anything else?

La Canfora writes, “Manning, not agent Tom Condon, is handling much of the arrangements and setups for workouts and is in personal contact with team officials. While some in the Manning camp have suggested a decision would come by Tuesday, Manning hasn’t stated that himself to teams, sources said, and teams are waiting patiently to hear back from him following his workouts.”

The Chiefs are now out of it and the only teams left standing are the Titans, the Broncos and the late entry of the 49ers into the picture. From here a decision may be expected next week. Then again, it’s all on Manning’s time frame.

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