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NFL Draft 2012: Eric Winston Signing Changes Priorities For Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs were widely expected to consider an offensive tackle with the No. 11 selection in the first round of the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft. The reason is simple: supply and demand both met in that spot. Players like Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin were expected to still be around at that time, and the position was the Chiefs' weakest link on the entire roster. After the signing of Eric Winston this weekend, however, that's no longer the case.

Instead, the Chiefs are likely to focus on other needs or ignore that entirely and just take the best player on the board despite the position that they play. Pat Kirwan says the team could possibly address defensive tackle and allow a player like Reiff to slide a bit"

Eric Winston, former starting right tackle of the Texans, signs a four-year, $22 million deal to join the Kansas City Chiefs, which probably means the Chiefs will pass on first-round tackles Reilly Reiff and Jonathan Martin. The Chiefs could now turn their interest to a nose tackle or a move down and take a guard. A team like the New York Jets at No. 16 probably expected Reiff to be gone by time they selected, but it's possible he will still be available.

The team could definitely consider Dontari Poe as a defensive tackle or Luke Kuechly as an inside linebacker. Both players would garner consideration from Pioli with or without Winston.