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NFL Draft 2012: Ryan Tannehill Merits Strong Consideration For Dolphins, Chiefs

Players entering the 2012 NFL Draft are going to speak highly of their own stock. That much is a given since they're fighting for not only draft position but the money that comes with a higher choice. Ryan Tannehill has as much as anyone to gain or lose at this point based on perception of his potential, and he makes a convincing argument for his own selection.

When speaking with Walter Football's Charlie Campbell, Tannehill cites a limited body of work as a prime example of the higher ceiling on him than other quarterbacks available in the draft. His work at Texas A&M is enough to warrant being the third quarterback on draft boards heading into the late April draft, but he said he only gets better from here.

Tannehill says, "I think you say look at my body of work. I only started 19 games so I think my ceiling is extremely high. I'm nowhere near my highest point. I have the drive and determination to want to get better. It is not my goal just to play in the NFL. I want to win Super Bowls. I think I have all the physical tools: the arm strength, accuracy, I make plays on the run and I have leadership. I think I have all the intangibles. Like I said, I've only started 19 games so I think I can learn a lot and get a lot better."

For teams like the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs, that's definitely something to consider. If they like what they see in Tannehill enough to even think about it at their respective draft positions, then the idea that he will grow stronger with experience could be enough to pull the trigger. Given the run on quarterbacks a year ago on guys like Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and the rest, it will be likely that Tannehill is taken sooner than later.