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Brady Quinn Turned Down More Of Broncos Money To Sign With Chiefs

For all of the attention that their chase of Peyton Manning is receiving, the Denver Broncos wanted Brady Quinn back again for the 2012. In fact, the team was willing to pay more than the team he signed with. The Kansas City Chiefs won in the end, but it apparently wasn’t for the sake of money according to Peter King.

King writes, ’How much did Brady Quinn want out of the Denver quarterback-go-round? So much, I hear, that he turned down an offer of $2 million from the Broncos and accepted a one-year, $1.5-million deal in Kansas City."

Quinn now becomes the primary back-up rather that languish behind Manning and/or Tebow. Perhaps Quinn was tired of the circus. Perhaps he wanted a place he could truly contend for playing time. Either way, it’s another sign that maybe Kansas City wasn’t the desolate place it was made out to be during the drama between Scott Pioli and Todd Haley if players like Quinn and Eric Winston are willing to come even for less money.