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Peyton Manning Rumors: Broncos, Titans And 49ers All Wondering About Their Chances

When will Peyton Manning announce his big decision? Where will he go when he announces? Will it be the Tennessee Titans? Maybe the Denver Broncos? Perhaps the San Francisco 49ers? The reality is that no one has even the slightest clue except for Manning himself and those closest to him — and that means anyone in the media is just guessing at this point.

Peter King admits as much in his latest column and says even team officials from the three alleged finalists for Manning have no idea either. Peyton has left everyone in the dark as he makes up his mind.

King writes, “One top official from one of the three teams told me Sunday night his team hadn’t heard from Manning all day Sunday and, in his words, ‘We don’t know if we’re in or out. He told us he’d call when he knew what he was going to do, and we’re taking him at his word. No pressure.’”

For the team that wins, it’s a franchise-changing event. Manning’s arrival, if healthy, will catapult that team into the talk of Super Bowl contention. It will also make them new favorites for what free agents remain, since players will likely want to play for the resurgent team.

For the teams left over, they could endure a bitter offseason. The Miami Dolphins have already felt the sting for not being adequately prepared or moving on early. The Broncos have ruffled the feathers of Tim Tebow fans everywhere. The Titans will have to explain to their fan base why they let other top free agents get away (like Mario Williams).

This week should be a frenzy once Peyton announces. It will be the NFL’s version of The Decision when LeBron James announced he was heading to the Miami Heat. While Manning won’t endure the public scorn that James did for his approach, it will earn the same level of media hype and analysis.

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