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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Denver Broncos Will Shop QB After Peyton Manning Signs With Team

The Denver Broncos went from having the second pick in the 2011 NFL Draft to winning a playoff game over the Pittsburgh Steelers and taking the AFC West title in the ensuing 2011 season. The quarterback for the Broncos through it all was Tim Tebow. Now the team is rewarding him by reportedly shopping him around the league after they sign Peyton Manning, per Adam Schefter.

Tebow is going to spark all kinds of trade rumors and it’s impossible to tell what he will go for. Obviously a main rumor should have him headed to the Miami Dolphins because of the team’s inability to bring in anyone else from Matt Flynn to Manning himself.

Manning is going to strike up the band in terms of team publicity and interest in Denver, but it is also going to create a backlash among fans who feel the team has been disloyal and unfair to a quarterback who accomplished so much in the middle of a media frenzy and constant criticism. Now, however, perhaps Tebow can find a new home that truly appreciates his work despite how unorthodox it is.

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