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Tim Tebow To Dolphins? Miami Makes Most Sense For Broncos Quarterback

If any team is going to trade for Tim Tebow, there are a couple options that come to mind. The New England Patriots have been rumored to be interested in him, and the connection to the head coach who drafted him in Josh McDaniels certainly makes sense. However, one team stands above any options and it’s a team that could certainly use the PR and a quarterback: the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have struck out again and again this offseason and have been unable to solve their quarterback woes for some time. Ever since the team failed Drew Brees during his physical, the team has been on a downward slope and has tried everyone with an arm at the position. Chad Henne didn’t work out. Matt Moore is not the long-term answer either.

This offseason, the team tried to lure in Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning. They’ve had Alex Smith in for a visit. The only move left for them is to try to trade for Ryan Tannehill in the upcoming NFL Draft, but he’s a reach and inexperienced after only 19 games started in college at Texas A&M. In short, the offseason has been a dud for the Dolphins more than any other team.

Enter Tebow. A franchise in need of some positive press could bring Tebow home to Florida where he won multiple national championships in Gainesville. He could compete for the starting nod at quarterback, help spur ticket sales and generate interest in a team that’s likely going to sink back to the bottom of the division.

For Tebow, it could be a homecoming where he’s celebrated instead of enduring a front office always scheming to get rid of him. Nothing is certain yet until Peyton Manning is signed by the Broncos and Tebow is officially shopped. But given the reports and the smoke from the fire from John Elway for awhile, it’s clear Tebow’s days in Denver are numbered.

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