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Peyton Manning To Broncos: Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai Could Become Next To Join Denver

Now that Peyton Manning has decided on his next team, will his former teammates follow suit? Reggie Wayne has already re-upped in Indianapolis and Pierre Garcon got his millions from Dan Snyder with the Washington Redskins. But Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday and Joseph Addai still remain available, and someone, if not all, is likely to follow Manning if the team is interested.

It will be interesting to see how much sway Manning has concerning the formation of the roster at this point. He has the elite veteran status but not the familiarity, so he might not have as much influence as he did in Indy. However, it’s unlikely Peyton would sign without some acknowledgement that he has a say in personnel matters — especially on the offense.

Addai still has some legs and could bolster the Denver backfield, especially with his familiarity with Manning and what he will want to do at the line of scrimmage. Clark would help replace Daniel Fells who signed with the New England Patriots today, so that move seems easy to predict.

As for Jeff Saturday, the Broncos already have a young center in J.D. Walton, so that will be interesting to watch. Manning has always taken his snaps from Saturday and the two seem inseparable. Now, some of those relationships will be tested as to how they fit within another team.

There’s no doubt the Broncos are a better team with Manning under center. Now it’s a question of who will be that center and who else will follow him to Denver.

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