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Peyton Manning Set To Make Major Financial Impact On Denver Broncos

The chase for Peyton Manning by the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans and every other team that wanted in on the sweepstakes was focused primarily on the results he brings on the field. Few quarterbacks, if any, have done what Manning has done through the air and he has the Super Bowl ring to prove it. But there’s also an incredible financial windfall awaiting the Broncos now that Manning is signing with them.

Kristi Dosh told ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky that Manning could make a real impact with a team in terms of not only ticket sales but what those tickets are worth. Even a popular team like the Broncos will still reap the benefits of having an NFL icon join the ranks and the results are financially astounding.

Kuharsky has a quote from Dosh ESPN’s sports business reporter, "Lou Imbriano, former chief marketing officer of the New England Patriots, tells me a team who markets Peyton correctly could see as much as an eight-figure bump. Adding a player like Peyton would increase demand, making tickets more valuable even if they’re already sold out.

“Ticket prices could be increased or more expensive packages could be created for the upper echelon of fans. It could also cause an increase in the season-ticket waiting list. Imbriano says when he was at the Patriots the waiting list was 60,000 and each had paid a $100 deposit. Not only do you increase demand, but that demand allows you to market the team to sponsors differently and can increase revenue from those sources. In addition, you can market to those on the waiting list for non-game events."

The Broncos are already going to reap the benefits of having Manning on the field in a division that suddenly became a lot more compelling and competitive. The Broncos, however, are also going to enjoy the additions to their pocketbooks as fan excitement and media coverage translates into advertising dollars and higher demand for tickets.

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