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Tim Tebow Trade Rumor: Broncos' John Elway Asking For Second And Fifth Round Picks In NFL Draft

The addition of Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos is only the first move coming for the team in the next few days. After all, Manning’s arrival is going to draw several free agents, including former Colts teammates, as well as jettison others. Well, at least one popular face is heading out of town as Tim Tebow is reportedly being offered around the NFL in exchange for NFL Draft assets.

Specifically, Cecil Lammey has the report that John Elway wants two draft choices back in the form of a second and fifth round pick in exchange for Tebow. For teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Miami Dolphins, that’s a small price to pay for the upswing in ticket sales and media attention if they make the trade.

It’s still unknown whether it’s a smart football trade at all, but given the current conditions of the quarterback position on each team’s depth chart, a move for Tebow would be well worth it. And while it’s easy to criticize Tebow’s delivery and mechanics, it’s hard to argue with the team’s won-loss record from last season one year after finishing among the two worst teams in the league.

Expect Tebow to be moved shortly since teams have been jumping at the chance to get their new quarterback (a la the Redskins trade with the Rams for the rights to Robert Griffin III at the No. 2 pick in the draft).

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