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Denver Broncos' Super Bowl Odds Lowered To 10/1 After Peyton Manning Announcement

It doesn’t take long for news to travel anymore with the advent of Twitter and social media in general. That also greatly affects the amount of time it takes for Las Vegas to change its mind on various sports odds. The Denver Broncos chances of winning the Super Bowl in 2013 just changed considerably with the announcement of the team’s signing of Peyton Manning. Jeff Sherman is reporting that the team is now a 10/1 shot to win the Super Bowl next year.

Having an elite quarterback like Manning certainly changes everything within the division. After all, Manning was reportedly going to get MVP votes after the Colts tanked when he was out. The team’s personnel wasn’t that different besides quarterback and yet the Colts finished with the NFL’s worst record. As Manning joins a team with a defense and running attack good enough to win the AFC West, they now have to be taken seriously as Super Bowl contenders.

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