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Tim Tebow Trade To Jaguars? Jacksonville Makes Most Sense For Broncos Quarterback

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected their quarterback of the future in the 2011 NFL Draft when they traded up for Blaine Gabbert of Missouri. They added the competition and depth needed just days ago when Chad Henne, formerly of the Miami Dolphins, signed a two-year agreement. To some, it might not make sense for the team to make a move at quarterback and bring in Tim Tebow given the state of the roster. But anyone who saw them last year realizes the team needs a serious infusion of not only talent but interest as well.

If Shad Khan, the team’s new owner, wants to keep them in Jacksonville, fan interest has to be considered when constructing the roster. It’s not enough to throw Gabbert to the wolves and hope he grows along the way. Henne is also not the sexy signing. But the addition of Tim Tebow would radically charge the Jacksonville community to come out and watch the team play.

Dan Hanzus of writes, "Jacksonville owner Shad Khan is a Tebow fan, and is already on record saying he would’ve pursued drafting the Florida Gator legend if he was running the Jags at the time. Acquiring Tebow — who is taking a 'philosophical' approach to Denver’s Manning courtship — would be a smart roll of the dice for the Jaguars. Tebow would give the franchise a desperately needed publicity boost, while also allowing the team to slow the development of Blaine Gabbert, the No. 10 overall pick in last year’s draft who struggled mightily in his rookie season."

There’s no team in more need of media attention and fan interest than the Jacksonville Jaguars. And none of the team’s moves this offseason will garner any more interest than what was already there in 2011. If any franchise is in dire trouble in terms of being competitive on the field and being profitable off of it, it’s the Jags. One simple trade could take care of a big part of that.

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