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Jeff Saturday Schedules Broncos Visit, Brandon Stokely Returning To Denver

The Peyton Manning corps is coming back, at least in part, as he arrives in Denver to quarterback the Broncos in 2012. Jeff Saturday has been the longtime counterpart at the center position with Manning, so it’s no surprise at all to hear that the former Colt has a visit scheduled in Denver, according to Jason La Canfora.

In addition, La Canfora also writes that Brandon Stokely, the man Peyton once called the best slot receiver he’s ever worked with is also expected to sign up in Denver. Stokely played in only two games last season for the New York Giants, so it remains to be seen what he has left. Manning has a penchant for getting the most out of his receivers, however, so don’t be surprised if he signs and ends as a decent target.

In addition, former Broncos tight end Daniel Fells signed with New England today, so Dallas Clark, who has yet to take an official visit since his release from the Colts over a week ago, could come to Denver as well. It’s all part of the mass exodus known as Peyton’s entourage, and it’s exactly what John Elway is smiling about today.

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