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Top 25 Things That Will Happen If Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl

This week we're asking what are the top 25 things that will happen if the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

You may have caught last weeks' top 50 things that will happen if the Kansas City Chiefs sign Peyton Manning. This week we're going with the Top 25 things that will happen if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. A lot of these answers come via twitter when I (@bkissel7) ask these questions and then publish some of the responses that I get on that weeks' particular question. This post will come each Friday here on SB Nation Kansas City, but the topic will change each week, obviously.

Without any further adieu here are 25 things that will happen if the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

1. Dustin Darby will be drunk at one point, cry at one point and be in jail at one point - @dustindarby

2. A few less people will complain about Scott Pioli - Matt Conner

3. I will throw a parade in NJ.Might be a small one, but I will go on to tell everyone, after 20 years,I told you so! - @kc571

4. Romeo Crennel will not go to a Lil' Wayne concert

5. Joel Thorman will give his opinion

6. I won't shave from that point until they win another one. @KaloPhoenix

7. I'll be arrested for public drunkeness and indecent exposure. @Chief_Wildcat

8. there would be a lot of hoopla involved in the parade. @aarbrock

9. Todd Haley will punch his dog

10. ESPN will see it as a fluke and say we have to win 2 more before being considered legitimate. - @Th3Claude

11. Scott Pioli will be given key to the city

12. Clark Hunt will still be called cheap from some KC fans.

13. ESPN will connect the story to Brett Favre and Jeremy Lin, somehow.

14. Arrowhead Pride will become a nationally known website

15. Philip Rivers will take his ball and go home.

16. Power and Light will riot, lot of jelled hair and popped collars in prison that night.

17. Scott Pioli will throw a candy wrapper on the ground

18. Sabby Piscitelli makes the Ring of Honor - Matt Conner

19. I will move back to Kansas City - Me

20. Floods will engulf San Diego, Oakland and Denver with tears of anger.

21. Chris Sembower's "Posterized" of the victory will be front-paged on ESPN.

22. Brian Daboll will be called the best OC in Chiefs history.

23. Chris Berman will use barbecue in about every sentence describing the Kansas City.

24. This story will be re-posted.

25. Euphoria