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Tim Tebow Rumors: Bills, Jaguars Among Top Trade Possibilities for Broncos

The domino effect that Peyton Manning has set off in NFL media circles is unprecedented. Now that Manning is finally settled on his destination, he's tipped over the Tim Tebow domino. Everyone is scrambling to figure out which team, if any, is going to pony up the draft assets to acquire him. He's as much of an enigma now as he was in the NFL Draft.

Gregg Rosenthal of has five top favorites competing for Tebow, but the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars come out on top. The Bills are his favorite and part of the reason includes head coach Chan Gailey.

Rosenthal writes, "The Bills do make football sense. Coach Chan Gailey is perhaps the pro game's best at getting creative with mobile quarterbacks. He's the rare coach who would know what to do with Tebow. He could upgrade the backup position behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. Gailey could create packages for Tebow on the goal line and in short yardage, like the coach once did for Kordell Stewart."

As for the Jags, he writes, "The prodigal son returns? Owner Shad Khan previously said the Jaguars would have drafted Tebow if Khan was around in 2010. There isn't room for Tebow in Jacksonville (see below), but ownership could push to make room in an effort to sell tickets."

It's that last part for the Jags that makes a lot of sense, bringing home Tebow to put the franchise on the map in terms of fan interest. While the Jags have seen slightly increased ticket sales, the current state of the roster will watch that wane soon enough.

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