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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Pittsburgh Steelers Presented As Longshot For Broncos Quarterback

Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports recently put together a list of the potential destinations for Tim Tebow, and there are some surprise destinations. That's good, since the Broncos will likely search for any potential home to get rid of Tebow after signing Peyton Manning. The smoke from the fire between the front office and Tebowmania has been fuming for some time, so it's likely to come quick if a trade opportunity arises.

But one destination from Wilson in particular is intriguing, since no one has mentioned it in the past: the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team is certainly a favorite year to year to contend for the Super Bowl, and the addition of Tebow would add another wrinkle for a team that needs a back-up quarterback.

Wilson writes, "Very, very unlikely, yes, but no more so than the speculation that the Steelers would sign Tiki Barber or hire Jim Caldwell because head coach Mike Tomlin had prior relationships with both. Pittsburgh won't re-sign third-string quarterback Dennis Dixon and Tebow is basically a bigger version of the same player. Added bonus: he can give the team another power back in goal-line situations and in his spare time help keep Ben Roethlisberger on the straight and narrow."

While it would be a reach, it would also make for a compelling storyline to follow. Don't bet on it happening, but it's interesting all the same.

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