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Peyton Manning Press Conference Reportedly Scheduled Tuesday Afternoon

For those wanting to hear it straight from the horse's mouth (pardon the pun), new Denver Broncos starting quarterback Peyton Manning (yes, that's odd to type) will reportedly be holding his first press conference with the team on Tuesday at 3pm Central Time. Whether or not that holds has not been confirmed from the team specifically, but Chris Mortensen notes that is the expected time.

Manning, of course, is the signing of the year (if not more) for the Denver Broncos. Many teams went all in to get him and the Broncos came out on top, reshaping the entire AFC West and the playoff picture for the conference as well. If healthy, Manning is going to be focused and out to take his new team to new heights while dispelling any myths about his own age and durability.

Expect John Elway and John Fox to also be in on this press conference. More details to come.