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Tim Tebow Understands Broncos Pursuit Of Peyton Manning

The drama surrounding the Denver Broncos quarterback position is at a fever pitch today with the introduction of Peyton Manning officially to the Broncos’ media, and many questions abound as to the pursuit of Peyton, the plans of John Elway and the future of Tim Tebow. Yet through it all, it seems that everyone can agree why the Broncos chased Manning like they did — even Tebow himself.

Given Manning’s legacy of greatness in NFL history, it’s understandable why a team would go after him the way they did, everything else be damned. Even Tebow himself apparently gets why the Broncos made such a public and pointed run at the former Colts quarterback.

As John Elway relayed his conversation with Tim Tebow today at the introductory presser, Tebow reportedly said, “We’re talking about Peyton Manning. So I understand what you’re doing.” Tebow will likely be praised for saying that, as he should, since he’s the one displaced by such a move. However, it’s also just an indicator of how amazing of a move this was on Elway’s part to get Peyton to sign on the dotted line.

Of course, Manning has to stay healthy and Tebow still has to be traded, so there are major mysteries still to be revealed in this drama. But for now, at least everyone can agree that it was worth it, even the one who should be shaking his head.

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