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NFL Free Agency: Michael Bush Visiting Cincinnati Bengals Tuesday

As former Oakland Raiders running back tours the NFL in search of his new home, the Cincinnati Bengals are hoping he might be the one to help anchor the backfield after watching Cedric Benson walk away this offseason. Bush would definitely be an upgrade. Although he’s a similar type of power runner, Bush is younger and would likely be more effective for the Bengals offense.

Bush had been mentioned as a possibility for Kansas City, but the team signed Peyton Hillis instead from the Browns. He’s also drawn interest from the Chicago Bears, so it will be interesting to see where he lands.

Bush also leaves a hole with the Raiders as they watch their safety net for Darren McFadden leave. Given McFadden’s injury prone nature, it’s likely the Raiders bring Bush back later in free agency or find a replacement on the same level. The team cannot afford to not have a solid handcuff to McFadden despite his incredible talent.