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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: New York Jets Would Be Worst Landing Spot For Broncos Quarterback

The New York Jets are the surprise strong entrants into the Tim Tebow trade rumor mill given the circus that Rex Ryan always has around him in general. In an offseason where the team has given every indication that they might actually get serious about eliminating distractions and refocus on team unity and chemistry, adding Tebow will be more of the same.

While he is a model citizen, he's one that comes with unending media attention and the last thing the team really needs are cries to replace Mark Sanchez after a couple of bad games or larger personalities on the team getting upset by the inordinate amount of camera time on Tebow.

The team will allow some of those disgruntled players to leave and will turn the corner with a clean slate in the new year. But many of those will still be around and will find it very difficult to act differently than they have for their entire careers. See the exhibit known as Santonio Holmes for further evidence.

Ryan is the biggest fish in a highly visible aquarium filled with several others that like to be seen. Tebow would be the opposite sort of problem, but it would be another extreme personality. You don't fight fire with a flame of a different kind. This would be a case of over-correcting and it would also be the sign of another immature move.

Tebow will be best served going to a team that can develop him under the radar or, at the very least, away from the frenzy known as the typical Jets media coverage. Then again, Rex Ryan has never shied away from doing what it takes to remain in the spotlight, even if that means empty promising of winning games and making Super Bowls. Perhaps Tebow is another way to make more noise.