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Former Saints Player Says Bounty Program Also In Place With Chiefs, Falcons

Joe Horn is living up to his last name, sounding the horn that the New Orleans Saints weren't the only NFL team with a bounty program in place. In fact, by his own experience, Horn says two of his former franchises were also involved the sort of antics and programs that just cost Saints head coach Sean Payton a year without pay starting April 1.

Lee Zurik reports via Twitter that Horn singled out the Chiefs and Falcons as also having bounty programs, paying players for "cartoffs." Horn was a former wide receiver for the Chiefs from '96-99 before breaking out with the Saints from 2000-06. He spent the last year of his playing career in Atlanta.

Those years that Horn was with the Chiefs, and thus would be able to speak from experience, were the Gunther Cunningham years, both as a defensive coordinator and then as the head coach who replaced Marty Schottenheimer. If these allegations find life, it could spell an investigation and possible issues for the current Lions defensive coordinator. That said, there's a lot of dust left to settle on all of this for now.

This is likely to be a long journey of an investigation that has to first find roots within the Saints organization before spreading out to others. At some point, however, Horn's words will have to be heeded and some formal investigation should appear. It's clear Roger Goodell is taking this very serious, so accusations like this will not be taken lightly.