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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Chiefs Grab Cornerback Dwight Bentley In Second Round

The Kansas City Chiefs secondary is in a bit of a transition, but it still remains a young, dynamic part of the talented Chiefs defense. Eric Berry should return after missing the 2011 season and bring the impact player to the group that was lacking last season. Brandon Flowers is a strong No. 1 cornerback, but he's lost his partner of the last four seasons in Brandon Carr to the Dallas Cowboys. That means the Chiefs have had to shift things around a bit.

The team responded by signing Stanford Routt before Carr actually left with the knowledge that he'd likely leave if they didn't use the franchise tag. Alas, they used it on Dwayne Bowe at receiver instead, and Carr took the big bucks to play for Jerry Jones. Routt and Flowers will still form a solid duo at corner, but it wouldn't surprise to see the Chiefs address the position in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Drafttek has the Chiefs going cornerback in the second round with a small school addition that might do the trick:

With the offensive line needs met, the Chiefs go to the defensive side of the ball grabbing the small school athlete, Dwight Bentley. With the proliferation of multiple WR sets, a team can not have too many good CB's. Bentley is undersized, but his strong performance in the Senior Bowl warrants a second round selection. He needs work on his technique, but has the athletic ability to be a good NFL CB.

Other possibilities on the roster to help include Jalil Brown, last year's fourth round choice, and Travis Daniels who played well at times in 2011.

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