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Drew Stanton Had Opportunity With Chiefs Before Signing With New York Jets

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Drew Stanton is wanting out of the deal he signed not even a week ago as the back-up quarterback for the New York Jets due to the team's recent acquisition of Tim Tebow. That much is not that surprising given how much of a curveball it was that the Jets came away with Tebow, but it's interesting to note who else was involved in Stanton's negotiations before he signed with the Jets.

Rich Cimini writes, "Stanton is said to be unhappy because he was promised the No. 2 job and turned down more lucrative opportunities with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs to play for the Jets. He received a $500,000 signing bonus, but he could have a hard time finding a new team because the backup jobs are filling up."

Does that mean that Brady Quinn was option No. 2 (or three, at least given the team's interest in Peyton) for filling the quarterback slot? Stanton could have been a nice fit.

Then again, a guy who wants out because his team has competition rather than stepping up for the opportunity to keep the No. 2 job is not the mark of a player who can lead a team well. Perhaps it was good that the Chiefs had to move on.