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Aubrayo Franklin Is 'Best Fit Remaining' For Kansas City Chiefs In NFL Free Agency

Bill Williamson, ESPN's AFC West blogger, has put together a recent list of the best free agent fits remaining for each team, and the Kansas City Chiefs could help bolster the roster at defensive tackle with his choice of Aubrayo Franklin. That's a good guess considering the Chiefs have only two developmental players at the position at this time.

Williamson writes, "There has been some interest. Franklin is a solid 3-4 nose tackle who can be a solid rotational player for the Chiefs. It is one of the team’s biggest needs and the Chiefs could do worse than Franklin."

Franklin was allegedly courted by the Chiefs last offseason but ended up signing with the New Orleans Saints after several years with the 49ers. Franklin started only 10 games for the Saints, but appeared in all 16 and it's telling that he hit the market again. It simply was not a good overall season for him with only 12 tackles to his credit. Still Franklin can be a nice fit in the right scheme and Romeo Crennel would know how best to use him.