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NFL Mock Draft 2012: David DeCastro, Eric Winston Additions Make Chiefs Offensive Line Dominant

The Kansas City Chiefs still have a few needs heading toward the 2012 NFL Draft, so mock drafts are still circling many of the same key points as of now. The Chiefs will likely add some further pieces until then via free agency, but the key issues may still remain. That's why it's not surprising to see the latest mock from Drafttek discussing the Chiefs guard and defensive tackle positions.

The Chiefs have a nice offensive line at this point, but the team fell prey to many injuries on offense last season and needs to protect Matt Cassel to maximize his potential. In the end, they went with David DeCastro in the first round of their latest mock:

Will the Chiefs grab Dontario Poe, the massive freak NT, David DeCastro the stud guard or will they take Luke Kuechly, the smart tackling machine linebacker? The money bet is DeCastro. He is considered the best Guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson and will lock down an offensive line spot for ten plus years, more than likely at a multiple Pro Bowl level. An offensive line of Albert, DeCastro, Hudson, Asamoah and Winston would serve notice that the Chiefs are looking to run the ball first.

With that line across the front, the running game of Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis has a real chance to lead the league in rushing once again. That attack should free the passing game and create the best offensive system Cassel has had since he came to Kansas City.

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