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Dennis Dixon Visits Denver Broncos For Chance To Back-Up Peyton Manning

The quarterback depth charts in the AFC West keep getting mixed around with the Denver Broncos leading the pack, giving away several and bringing even more in. They've already added Peyton Manning as the biggest prize, then added Caleb Hanie as a likely No. 2 quarterback. Apparently they'd like a bit more competition than that, because now Bill Williamson is reporting that Dennis Dixon has been in Denver for a visit.

That would give the Broncos three veteran arms instead of adding a developmental arm in the draft. Perhaps Dixon or Hanie could be cut before the season in a competition for the No. 2 spot, but some young gun needs to be developed behind Manning given his age and the drop-off in talent after him on the roster.

The Broncos used to have Brady Quinn but he signed with the Chiefs and the team also traded Tim Tebow to the Jets in a smaller trade no one has really focused on this offseason.