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Does Ricky Stanzi Have A Long Term Home With The Chiefs?

Ricky Stanzi is in a rough position. Many fans and sportswriters loved the pick of the former Iowa Hawkeye in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. That said, Stanzi didn't receive any playing time in a season where the Chiefs had no answers at quarterback over several games and Tyler Palko received four starts in the middle of the Chiefs' toughest run.

Heading into the offseason, the team went ahead and said they wanted to bring in competition and then signed Brady Quinn. ESPN's Bill Williamson says that Stanzi might not have a long-term home with the Chiefs in the end by the way the team is acting in his first season-plus.

Williamson writes, "By signing Brady Quinn to be Matt Cassel’s backup, the Chiefs made it clear they don’t think Stanzi is ready to be the No. 2 quarterback; expect him to remain the No. 3 for the second consecutive season. That could change if the Chiefs pick a quarterback early in the draft. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Chiefs showed interest in Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden or Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins in the second round. If either of the players or drafted, Stanzi would be in trouble. But I do think he will get another year to develop."

Williamson is right on in his analysis, since the Chiefs have even stated they'd like to potentially take a low-round quarterback every single draft if they have the picks and the inclination. If the team falls in love with another rookie this season -- even a higher rated one like those brought up by Williamson, where will that leave the team? Likely, they will have to sink Stanzi to the practice squad, a place where he could be signed by any team in the league as he passes through waivers to get there.

Hopefully Stanzi can step up this offseason in workouts and training camp and even contend with Quinn for a back-up position.