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Eric Winston Details 'Agressive' Pursuit Of Kansas City Chiefs For Peter King

For fans who want an insider's look at how Eric Winston ended up with the Kansas City Chiefs, Peter King has given you an incredible chance to hear it straight from Winston's perspective. In his recent Monday Morning Quarterback column for Sports Illustrated, King asked Winston to allow his readers inside the free agency process for a veteran like Winston. The good news is hearing how aggressive the Chiefs were for Winston's services:

Kansas City was aggressive from the start. When a team schedules a visit, you usually receive a call from the general manager, head coach or position coach telling you how excited they are that you are coming in and how interested they are in you. With the Chiefs, I received calls from all three of them. They made it clear that I was a priority and that I needed to make sure that I got on the plane from Miami and make it to Kansas City.

Winston plugs a hole on the right side of the line for Kansas City and it's clear from the team's treatment of Winston that they knew it was the primary need as well.