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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Chiefs Take Washington DT Alameda Ta'amu In Second Round

At this point, the only official defensive tackles on the Kansas City Chiefs roster are Jerrell Powe and Anthony Toribio. Both players are developmental players who made a negligible impact last year, and it's likely the Chiefs will address the position through free agency, the draft or both. Allen Bailey and Amon Gordon can certainly slide over given the situation, but Drafttek has some help for the Chiefs in their latest mock for the 2012 NFL Draft. They have the Chiefs grabbing Washington Huskies nose tackle Alameda Ta'amu in the second round:

This pick is in a tough area for the Chiefs. Ta'amu is a bit of a reach here, but fills the biggest hole on the team. With some work on his strength and technique, he has the body and motor to be a fine NT in the NFL. The Chiefs are rumored to be interested in Aubrayo Franklin; however, unless the Chiefs sign a veteran NT, this position needs to be addressed in the first four rounds of the draft.

Adding a nose tackle is going to be essential at some point this offseason for the Chiefs, but the team already has more bodies it can throw into the middle depending upon the package being run. Adding a wide body like Dontari Poe early or Ta'amu here would be a good move for the Chiefs.

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